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We serve photography & imageing - bookkeeping by

Fitness & Wellness

We serve fitness & wellness - bookkeeping by

E-commerce Amazon FBA

Bookkeeping for amazon FBA,


We serve chiropractic - bookkeeping by

Dental Care

We serve dental care, bookkeeping by

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Service we provide

Monthly Bookkeeping Package

Monthly bookkeeping ,

  • Manage your accounting tasks through QuickBooks Online.
  • Reconcile bank and credit card transactions. 
  • Accounts receivable management. (add on)
  • Accounts payable management. (add on)

Tax Planning

Tax Planning by

We believe tax planning and bookkeeping should always go together especially if you want to achieve your financial goal. We like to to bring our strategies to business owner for the best possible tax efficiency. 

Our main goal is to reduce the unplanned tax liability when the tax season come.


Payroll by

One of our recommended strategies is to separate business and personal finances. Even if you are a sole proprietor, you should still put yourself on the payroll. 

About Us

Virtual Bookkeeping Service

Virtual Bookkeeping Service by

Our computerized working system allows us to work with client beyond their physically office location. With the online tools and automation software that provide us efficient way to communicate with clients. 

QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisor

QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisor by

We developed strategies plan for our clients to drive their business success, with the technic we learned from ProAdvisor program.

HIPAA Certified for Healthcare Provider

HIPAA Certified bookkeeper by

We create a culture of HIPAA compliance with our healthcare provider to protect their patient’s privacy.

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Our Mission

We value our client's work. Bookkeeping should not be a something to avoid when you want to achieve your financial goal. Helping you achieve your goal is our business.

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Meet the bookkeeper

We strive to help business owners with their bookkeeping needs so they can focus on what they do best.

My father built a plastic factory that was almost successful but cash flow problems forced him to close down. If he would have had a bookkeeper who reviewed his business financial health and provided cash flow forecasting for him, the outcome could have been different. This influenced my decision to pursue a career in business. 

My name is Nadia Szuhua Osborn, and I have been a bookkeeper and office assistant for over 15 years. I have noticed that all business owners need to know how to manage their costs effectively to maximize their profits. Bookkeeping is essential in achieving this!

The growing business owner needs someone who can be his or her trusted advisor. Taking care of someone’s finances is personal. That’s why I am here for you when you need any kind of help—whether you are too busy to track down who owes you money or when the next due date is for paying bills—we will take care of the heavy lifting for you. 

Let’s become a great team!


Care Keeping Testimonials by

Dr. Jill - Chiropractic & Wellness

"As a solo practitioner and business owner, I wear many hats. My office fell behind on bookkeeping, and Carekeeping came to the rescue. I highly recommend Carekeeping – the customer service is excellent! Szuhua followed-up and held me to task, so I did not procrastinate further. Carekeeping remotely connected to my Quickbooks, entering information at no inconvenience to me. I was notified of uncategorized items and even a potential fraudulent charge on my business credit card that I hadn’t noticed. Carekeeping is thorough, efficient, collaborative, and great to work with!"

Dr. Sue - Dental Care

“ We have been taking help from Nadia in our Accounting Team. She is very hardworking, sincere, prompt and meets our deadlines.”

EcoNat - Amazon Seller

"Our experience with Carekeeping made us very happy. We obtained help with bookkeeping, Quickbooks management and they provided support with general financial issues regarding our company. Our questions were answered in a professional and clear way. Nadia gives concise and understandable answers to your questions and those can be supported with examples when needed. If there is a subject that does not fall into the field of her own expertise, she clearly states this. I recommend Carekeeping for those who care about professionalism and reliability."

Why work with us?

Many business owners struggle to keep their books up to date since they are too busy for other areas such as marketing and customer service. Many even wait until tax season to get their books in order; however, money and financials are essential in running a business. Knowing your numbers well on a monthly basis can bring much comfort when making a big financial decision. 

Not only will we keep your books in order, we will also help you make the best possible financial decisions with your business. You’ve worked hard to establish yourself and we would like to help you stay that way. We are the team who cares. 

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